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Favorite Audio

The Temple's Heat! Classical Loop
Temple of Earth Video Game Loop
-Drifting- Cinematic Song
Tranquility Of A DJ Miscellaneous Song
AudioMixxup(ADHD) Trance Song
Dot Dot Dot Spoken Word Voice
Megaman 3 - Get a Weapon! Video Game Loop
Story Left Untold (DJKarma) Classical Song
Thermoplastique Video Game Song
8-bit Against the Odds Video Game Loop
8-bit Challenge Video Game Loop
8-bit Fury Video Game Song
Vegetation Miscellaneous Song
_->Lost in the Jungle<-_ Video Game Loop
Altered Flight Ambient Song
Journey Credit Ambient Song
Dimensional Landing Video Game Loop
Nesting Ground Ambient Song
The Journeyman - Druox Heavy Metal Song
Asperchu Theme Heavy Metal Song
The Electric Hedgehog Pokemon Heavy Metal Song
Battle Tension Classical Song
Boss Theme EX Video Game Song
-Skyscraper- (techrock 3) General Rock Song
We Came To Finish You! Video Game Song
Rose At Meridiem Video Game Loop
Tetris Remix Song B [Final] Video Game Song
DKC: Coral Capers Remix Video Game Song
Mario Luigi Partners Time Boss Video Game Song
Balmung Prestige Video Game Song
Weeping Demon Drum N Bass Loop
One Winged Angel (Metal) Heavy Metal Song
Jazzy Breakbeat Techno Song
Hardcore Fantasy Techno Song
Simple Sight (instrumental) Heavy Metal Song
Conker's Bad Fur Day - Poo Video Game Song
-techock- (fixed) Industrial Song
Super Mario RPG: Boss Rush Video Game Song
Sonic Next-Gen - His World Video Game Song
Sonic 3 - Hydrocity Velocity Video Game Song
Super Mario 64 - Boss Video Game Song
Super Smash Bros Brawl - Boss Video Game Song
CTSGAE- Blended Awesomeness Miscellaneous Song
(WF1) the lotus petal. Ambient Song
Final Fight Drum N Bass Loop
Mad World - Rock General Rock Song
MC9 Techno Loop
Insane (no vocals) Techno Song
Darksong2 Techno Song
Armed with Courage Trance Song
Loopmaster - Final Boss Drum N Bass Loop
Keep it up Techno Loop
Do you know that you're insane Techno Song
Endless Handbag Loop Video Game Loop
soul of the blammed Techno Song
Airbass Drum N Bass Song
X-men Hip Hop - Modern Song
Newgrounds - Newgrounds Theme Pop Song
Rising Soul Dance Song
Final Fantasy VII - Fight 2007 Video Game Song
F.U.2 Issue 2 - Give No Mercy Video Game Song
F.U.2 Issue 1 - Morax Video Game Loop
Blessed Requiem Drum N Bass Song
Organization XIII (KH2) Video Game Song
Clown song of death Techno Song
Calliope Techno Song
EndBoss Video Game Loop
Obsideo Video Game Song
Snapdragon Trance Song
-Race around the world 2- Video Game Song
Backyard Boom Drum N Bass Song
Castle of Tears: Bloodlines Video Game Song
Rose At Nightfall Video Game Loop
-axel f remix- Techno Song
Rose At Twilight Video Game Loop
Tetris on Speed Video Game Song
Popcorn Remix! Techno Song
Sonic 3 - BossBattle METALIZED Heavy Metal Loop
His World Dance Dance Song
Sadness and Sorrow v.2 Classical Song
Ethnica Drum N Bass Song
AntiHero Techno Song
Megaman remix: Time-Stopper Dance Song
M-Theory 1 Dance Song
Madness7 Techno Song
Gonna Freak Out Miscellaneous Song
Systematic Meltdown Heavy Metal Song
==(Life of a Cloud)== Ambient Song
Yoshi's Island Boss Battl Video Game Song
Sonic 2 - Boss Battle {Remix} Video Game Loop
Run'n'Gun Grunge Song
'Asian Temptation' Miscellaneous Song
"Enigma" Video Game Song
An Army of One Video Game Song
Lethal: Armed With Courage Techno Song
X-Tinction Trance Song
Unification Miscellaneous Song
MM2: The Tallest Building Video Game Loop
Game Boy Fiend Video Game Song
Newgrounds Anthem Hip Hop - Modern Song
Turn of Tides Drum N Bass Song
Show No Tears Video Game Song
Russian Roulette Trance Song
TOGETHER (You Were There) Video Game Song
Silver Moon Video Game Song
AWC: Nemesis's Theme Techno Song
BioSeed Techno Song
Soundslayer Techno Song
Assimilation Techno Song
Era of Peace Ambient Song
Shadow Empathy Video Game Song
Rose At Dawn Video Game Song
Infernal Disco Dance Song
Big Bad Action Music Video Game Song
TrainMadness Techno Song
Madness6(remix) Techno Song
Donkey Kong || Jungle Hijinx Video Game Song
Zelda Memories Video Game Song
[[=Please Intro=]] Indie Song
This Way DEMO General Rock Song
Castle of Tears Video Game Song
Nico Nico Douga - Kirbomix~ Techno Song
Fatality Heavy Metal Song
LHM - ENDLESS HANDBAG ('98 NG) Miscellaneous Song
Fly To Realize (DEMO) R&B Song
Warm ice Trance Song
ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy Drum N Bass Song
{Factory} Industrial Song
ParagonX9 - Chaoz Japan Video Game Song
SMRPG - Forest Maze Video Game Song
*Death Trigger*[ZeRo BaSs/FFR] Dance Song
-Race around the world- Video Game Song
-The show- Video Game Loop
-when i sleep 2005 remix- Techno Song